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My unban application

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Ash_Ketchum_ Astral
IGN: _Darkpikachu
What did you do: Allegedly gave out npc editors

Why was it wrong:
No player should have an npc editor unless they are allowed to have it by higher ups.

What will you do to prevent this from happening again:
I didn't give out npc editors. I don't know how it came to me that I was giving out npc editors to people. I will admit that one time i dropped an npc editor on the ground while I was editing something, too long ago to remember, and sleepy picked it up. He did this and then wore it as a hat so I couldn't take it back by checking his inventory. At the time he was a GM and someone that I trusted, so when he said he wouldn't use it and wanted tohave it as a trophy I couldn't do much. I was planning to tell this to you Pey but then I was banned and you blocked me on discord.
I can admit that I was asked multiple times by kenny and texx to give them npc editors, but as sleepy as my witness I would tell them no multiple times. If you can give me proof that I indeed gave them npc editors then I'll take my ban. Honestly though, to my knowledge, I didn't give them npc editors. The only npc editor that I ever dropped went into the hands of another staff member, and I couldn't get it back later because I was banned and communication was cut off.
In the case that I don't get unbanned for some reason: Hey guys just wanna say hi to the peeps that stayed on the server and the new ones that just joined! Hope you have had and/or will have fun on the server.
Posted Jan 25, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 25, 19
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peydunn OWner
Level 1
NPC Editor's were not the reason you were banned. I found out a week after I banned you what the real story was but the real reason was because of your constant need to attack players via DM. This server has no place for you. You were banned once for cyberbullying and then you attacked another player in the DMs calling him a retard proof:

Server has been on an incline since you left and frankly the entire well being of the server has been better since you left. I am not unbanning you.
Posted Jan 28, 19