Name/Nick: Malakae/Mal/Mala
Age: 15
What is your discord username? (Must have discord to be staff): Malakae#6431
How many hours per week can you play Primal Moon?: Most likely 10-15
Do you like helping new players reach their goals?: I love helping players, no matter how long it may take.
Why should you be considered for this staff role?: I should be considered for this staff role because I handle all situations maturely. I have worked on multiple servers before, baring multiple positions. I know the ropes of being staff, and I would love to be staff on Primal Moon.

Extra Credit:
1) Tell us something about yourself we didn't already know: I own 4 cats, and I'm allergic.
2) Tell us something about the pixelmon mod that you think players who have never played might not know: Models and Animations are made from scratch from the modelers.